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      You Matter began as a sticky note message founder Demetrius Harmon wrote for his self while dealing with his suicidal urges in the Fall of 2015. Already having his clothing brand established he decided the best way to get out a small but powerful message that reassured him in moments of darkness was to put it on a shirt. But the merchandise had to embody everything that comes with reassurance, it had to be soft like a hug but heavy like a gravity blanket and as light as a feather. After months of sampling, Demetrius found the hoodie that embodied all of that. Most hoodies feature Demetrius' mantra: "I feel weak, but I know Im strong." stitched on the inner wrists because for those who use these hoodies to cover their self harm scars. In the process of covering those scars Demetrius hopes the saying replaces them with something beautiful so when they look at their wrist they are not just reminded of how weak they once felt, but reminded of how strong they truly are. 

      The root of Demetrius’ purpose is to spread love and normalize the complexities of the human experience. And he intends to use every medium he possibly can to convey that message and feeling.